Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson (left) He lived in Germany for most of his early life, but he captured his most important kickboxing title for the United States. Michael Anderson won the WAKO fullcontact World Championships during the 1987 championships in Munich’s Olympic Hall. His superior kicking abilities and long reach made him untouchable during the entire tournament. […]

dorsey kickboxing

Troy Dorsey vs. Michael Kuhr

During the best days of WAKO and PKO, two fighters consistantly dominated the lighter divisions. One was American Troy Dorsey who was the King of -57 Kg division from 1983 until 1990 in both, semicontact and fullcontact winning WAKO world titles in London and Munich. One division up, German Michael Kuhr of Berlin won world […]

Goerg F. Brueckner died 20 years ago

Berlin based martial artist and business man Georg F. Brueckner accomplised a lot. He helped introduce Taekwondo and kickboxing to Germany in the sixties, founded WAKO and created the TopTen brand of martial arts and boxing equipment. Let’s remember George as one of the great pioneers of European karate and martial arts.