Bill Wallace vs Joe Corley

Battle of Atlanta 1975

The first defense of a professional fullcontact karate world title was held during the 1975 Battle of Atlanta. Champion Bill Wallace performed against Joe Corley.

Burning stuntman

Fire In The Soul: Steven Ito

Being a martial arts expert is the first foot into the door of stunts in the movie industry. It’s not just about fighting. Stuntman Steven Ito reveals the truth about the stuntman business and its relation to fighting arts.

Michael Anderson

An outstanding American athlete who dominated point fighting and fullcontact during the late 80ies.

Batman Forever with Don Wilson

Bolstered by a wild new villain in the Riddler, played by Jim Carrey, and the introduction of Batman’s sidekick, Robin, “Batman Forever” also co-stars Don “The Dragon” Wilson in his first role as a villain. Wilson leads a gang of thugs that includes Michael Worth, an actor and prominent black belt, against the Caped Crusader.

David Carradine


The original Kung Fu series hit the airwaves in 1972, and not before or since has a martial arts-themed TV show had such a profound impact with an audience. First, the show hit number-one in the ratings during its peak. Second, several shows won Emmy awards, television’s most coveted accomplishment. Third, coupled with the hit films of Bruce Lee, Kung Fu helped launch the biggest worldwide martial arts boom in history.

Being the top fullcontact kickboxing champions in their respective divisions, Michael Kuhr and Troy Dorsey shared a passion for boxing. Their epic fullcontact battles in Sweden and Germany were some of the hardest fought fights on the most advanced technical level seen.

Goerg F. Brueckner died 20 years ago

Berlin based martial artist and business man Georg F. Brueckner accomplised a lot. He helped introduce Taekwondo and kickboxing to Germany in the sixties, founded WAKO and created the TopTen brand of martial arts and boxing equipment. Let’s remember George as one of the great pioneers of European karate and martial arts.

sportkarate history Chuck Norris

History of Modern Sport Karate

Blood an Guts, the early days of American Karate were a time in the history of martial arts that stood out just like the Wild West or the Gold Rush. Hardened knuckles and bloody noses were earned and deserved.

Cynthia Rothrock punches Don Wilson

Cynthia Rothrock vs. Don Wilson

Bangkok 2012: Cynthia Rothrock, Don Wilson and a few others square off to rehearse for a new martial arts action movie.

Joe Lewis Seminar

My First Meeting with Joe Lewis

While he was still alive people labeled him a living legend. American karate fighter Joe Lewis was highly regarded as a champion and teacher of kickboxing, sport karate and self defense. Here are some memories to share about his seminars in Germany from 2000 in Koblenz and Unna.