Feb 21, 2021

Rudy Smedley

Texas karate has a reputation of creating tough fighters. Meet former world champion Rudy Smedley.

One of the best Karate competitors from Texas, Rudy Smedley participated in various international point fichting championships in semicontact kickboxing. He captured a WAKO world title with an upset victory over British fighting legend Alfie Lewis in 1995 after placing third at the previous world championship in London, UK, 1983. Today, Rudy Smedley runs his karate gym in Texas after over 40 years in self defense business. He is part of a stable where many top fighters originated from including Ray McCallum and Troy Dorsey and that back to Alan Steen and Jhoon Rhee in the early sixties.

Troy Dorsey

Rudy Smedley in Troy Dorsey’s corner during his PKA world title fight against Felipe Garcia in El Paso 1987.

Pictured his first fight against Briton Alfie Lewis in London 1983.

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