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Pound for pound one of the hardest hitting American kickboxing champions: Texan Troy Dorsey is one of the very few top kickboxers who also became household names in professional boxing, becoming a professional world champion twice. He grew up with Texan Karate where he learned from the best: Demetrius Havanas aka ‘The Greek’. Surrounded by many other famous professional fullcontact karate fighters like Ray McCallum and Billey Jackson, Troy quickly build up a strong record in his feather weight devision under fullcontact rules of the Professional Karate Association, PKA. As that organization fell apart in the late 1980ies he continued his professional kickboxing career with ISKA promotions and on an international level at the WAKO world championships. In 1985 Dorsey won a WAKO world title in both, point fighting and fullcontact in London. Two years later he almost repeated this double victory at the WAKO world championships in Munich. He won his fullcontact division -57kg. In point fighting he was cheated out of victory in the finals. In 1989 he won the world title of the PKO, Professional Kickboxing Organization, in Sweden over Germany’s Michael Kuhr.

Troy Dorsey WAKO
Winning the WAKO world championships in Fullcontact kickboxing in Wembley London 1985 over German Jürgen Jakob. Referee: Klaus Friedhaber.

As his pro kickboxing career went on with various ISKA and PKO world titles Troy Dorsey entered professional boxing. His record was bumpy at the beginning. He showed skills and enormous courage, but it was a hard road until he got a break to challenge Jorge Paez for his IBF super feather weight world title belt. The official result was a split decision for the reigning champion, but many people thought Troy had outboxed him and deserved a rematch. Their second contest at the Las Vegas Hilton ended in a draw with the champion keeping the belt, but Dorsey gaining a lot of respect and popularity from their slugfests.
Troy Dorsey kept on fighting as a pro boxer until 1998. He won two world titles and he always gave the audience a spectacular show. What he may have lacked in experience and talent due to his late entry into pro boxing he made up with strong will and enormous courage. His biggest fight could have been the 1993 bout with hot an upcoming Oscar De La Hoya, but Dorsey had to retire early due to a cut on the undercard of popular George Foreman fight.

Troy Dorsey
TV Interview with Troy Dorsey after his world title fight against Manuel Medina in Inglewood, Ca, 1991.

After retiring from competition Troy Dorsey teaches karate, kickboxing and various martial arts at his karate schools in Mansfield, Texas.

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Troy Dorsey vs Felipe Gercia
Summer 1987 in El Paso, Tx.: Troy Dorsey celebrates his first pro kickboxing world title win over Felipe Garcia.

Troy Dorsey