Apr 6, 2021

Mario Dimitroff

One of the flashiest kickers and hardest punchers in Worldchampionship fullcontact fighting. Dimitroff outscored or knocked out all oponents queued up against him.

Pound for pound one of the hardest punchers and quickest kickers in the game of Fullcontact. Mario joined WAKO in 1986 when George Brückner announced the 1987 WAKO World Championships to take place in Munich’s Olympic Hall. Brückner opened the German team to other associations and invited the best fighters to join the elimination tournaments in Karlsruhe, Baden Baden and Berlin. Dimitroff, who was previously fighting points at DSU and fullcontact at the European PKA (EPKA) wanted to take on the challenge to become a world champion in his home country. He beat all high ranking German fighters like Sven Reichmann (later IAKSA World Champion), Klemens Willner (later WAKO World Champion) and Stefan Riegler to represent the German team at the European Championships in Athens in 1986 where he beat the reigning World Champion Chris McNeish of the United Kingdom. In 1987 he won the World Championships in Munich by beating the likes of Trevor Ambrose and Romeo Charry.

Dimitroff vs. Reichmann

Mario Dimitroff in his first fullcontact fight for WAKO Germany inside Europahalle, Karlsruhe.

Dimitroff went on to fight professionally as a kickboxer and boxer facing opponents like Massimo Libarati and Mustafa Lahksem. Today, he runs a boxing gym in his hometown of Fulda, Germany: Boxplatz.

  1. World Champion Fullcontact 1987 in Munich, -67 Kg
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