Nov 30, 2021

Chuck Merriman

A pioneer of Okinawan Karate and competitive point fighting, Chuck Merriman has influenced American martial arts for decades.

One of the most important pioneers of American sport karate, Chuck Merriman devoted his life to those karatekas who entered competition on the highest levels. Some of his students include Tokey Hill, Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Jean Frenette. After spending the first part of his martial arts career with Okinawan karate he later switched to coach fighters on the open point fighting circuit. His extensive career started in Goju Ryu style. In the late 1980ies he started the first professional point fighting sports karate team with his friend Skipper Ingham. The Transworld Oil corporation sponsored Merriman’s team of top fighters to travel around the US and internationally. Among the fighters on this team were Steve “Nasty” Anderson, Herb Perez, Christine Bannon-Rodrigues, Jean Frenette, Kevin Thompson and Mister Taebo Billy Blanks. Chuck also coached the American point fighting team at the WAKO World championships in Mestre in 1990 and London 1991. As a competition coach he would often challenge the calls of international judges.

Competition Karate

The book “Competition Karate” by Chuck Merriman builds a bridge between Okinawan karate and all style competition in the western hemisphere.

Sensei Chuck Merriman died on October 17th, 2021 aged 88 in Arizona. May he rest in peace.

Sensei Chuck Merriman with his protege Jean Frenette

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