Aug 29, 2021

Jean Frenette

His explosive musical katas made Canadian Jean Frenette a legend of modern martial arts. Who hasn’t seen his amazing karate forms?

When 10,000 people cheered in Munich’s Olympic Hall on October 10th 1987 Jean Frenette of Kanada became an icon for musical forms, the modern version of karate kata. Synchronized to Frank Stallone’s “Far from over” song Frenette presented his self created musical kata to win the forms world championship in hardstyle over American John Chung. Inspired by his whirly performance the Canadian Sankudo stylist earned the nickname “Canadian Tornado”.

Frenette toured Europe for various years performing his kata at budo gala shows and fighting sports events. In 1990 in Mestre (Italy) and 1991 in London (UK) he successfully defended his hardstyle world title before retiring. The Canadian works as a stuntman and second unit producer for international movie productions with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.
Frenette has studied Sankudo karate under Nanbu and was sponsored by Chuck Merriman’s Transworld Oil Team, the first high budget sport karate team in history. Jean Frenette lives near Montreal, Canada.

karate stunt

Frenette during the filming of a Hollywood movie about karate. In the left his sensei Chuck Merriman.


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