Christine Bannon-Rodrigues

Christine Bannon Rodrigues

If there is a woman in Sport Karate that has won the highest amount of trophies it must be Christine Bannon-Rodrigues. She competed in forms and point fighting and captured the triple crown for all mayor organizations: NASKA, NBL and WAKO. That is aside of 123 Grand Championship titles at almost all AAA rated torunaments like the US Open, Eimpire State Nationals and the Battle of Atlanta. She and her husband Don Rodrigues run a martial arts dojo in Warwick, Rhode Island. Together they promote one of the most pretiguous point fighting tournament in the US, the Ocean Grand State Nationals, that draws competitors from all around the world every summer.
Her favorite gear comes from Macho, a company best known for its patriot dipped foam protectors. Team Macho has been Christines sponsor for over 20 years. She has won various championships wearing Macho unless she was required to wear other brands based on requirements. She also appeared in various TV productions, i.e. “WMAC Masters” and “The Next Karate Kid”.

WAKO world champion
1993: Christine Bannon scores with a headkick over her Austrian opponent enroute to winning the point fighting WAKO World Championship in Atlantic City.

Birthdate: November 6, 1966
Weight Class: Super Lightweight (117 lbs)
Height: 5’4″

Christine Bannon

Team Macho