Sci-Fighter Movie with Don Wilson

Sci-Fighter Movie poster with Lorenzo Lamas, Cynthia Rothrock and Don Wilson.

Film star and former undisputed World Kickboxing Champion Don “THE DRAGON” has offered to fight Royce Gracie in a no-holds-barred match for one million dollars. “It would be the martial arts fight
of the century.” insists Ray Cavaleri, Wilson’s long-time agent. “We’re talking about the greatest kickboxer who ever lived versus the king of the UFC. The numbers would be huge.” UFC event coordinator Kathy Kidd acknowledged the event would bring in big numbers but indicated that there could be budgetary problems. “It would definitely be big, very big. But Don may be asking a little too much money for us at this time. We’ll have to wait and see.”
Wilson himself insisted that the show could be funded by adding an additional four or five dollars to the telecast. “The UFC has a huge fan base, and I’m sure they would love to see a Don Wilson/Royce Gracie match.” Wilson says. “After all, they (the UFC and Gracie family) have challenged Mike Tyson in one of their public statements, and I’m sure they didn’t expect him to fight for peanuts.”
Wilson, who now makes in the mid-six figures for each of his films, has left the negotiating to his advisors. “I really want this fight. They (The UFC and the Gracies) keep saying they want to fight the best, and I think my record speaks for itself. But if they are serious about drawing big names like myself or Tyson, they should be realistic. I’d have to give up making two or three movies to train for this match, and frankly, a million is a bargain compared to what Royce and I would bring in.”
Text: Timothy Baker