Mortal Kombat,grossed an sensational $60 million in the U.S., is a compelling mix of martial arts action, fantasy and special effects. theaters alone it is the first financially successful video-game-turned-film.

Is there an action film star who is more handsome than JCVD? If yes, it must be Lauren Avedon. A Beverly Hills brat who took up acting and Taekwondo to show the world how good he looks when kicking to the skies.

Men don’t fight with women, but what about if the guy has no choice and gets attacked by a martial arts champion without mercy? That is what is going to happen in a new movie recently filmed in Thailand: “White Tiger”. Don Wilson aka “the Dragon” and Cynthia Rothrock “Dragon Lady” will be crossing kicks and punches for the first time in a movie. Previously they played side-on-side in “Sci Fighter” aka “X-Treme Fighter”, but this time it’s their first real fight on screen. It’s doing to be a deadly fight and one of them will die.