Kung Fu would not be Kung Fu without David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine. In the new syndicated weekly series, which began airing on January 20, Carradine reprises for the third time the role he made famous. In this extensive candid interview, the veteran actor reflects on the impact of the series, his years of training in kung-fu, his participation in martial arts films — and demonstrates a propensity for subtle humor, a side of himself we’ve seldom seen. Interview by Dwight Brown, published in 1996.

Men don’t fight with women, but what about if the guy has no choice and gets attacked by a martial arts champion without mercy? That is what is going to happen in a new movie recently filmed in Thailand: “White Tiger”. Don Wilson aka “the Dragon” and Cynthia Rothrock “Dragon Lady” will be crossing kicks and punches for the first time in a movie. Previously they played side-on-side in “Sci Fighter” aka “X-Treme Fighter”, but this time it’s their first real fight on screen. It’s doing to be a deadly fight and one of them will die.