Kevin Thompson

Kevin Thompson

Kevon Thompson was a modern American karateka from New Jersey. He was feared and respected for surprising point-fighting opponents with his razor sharp, well timed and lighting fast kicks. With those kicks he won various Grand Championship titles beating much heavier and stronger opponents. He was even better known for his spectacular kata performances in hardstyle and weapons in addition to his highly motivating military induced teaching stills.

He started karate at age 10 and opened his first dojo aged 19, Shakil’s School of Martial Arts. He competed both, nationally and internationally, winning most point fighting and forms titles of US associations such as NASKA and PKL from 1980 until his retirement in 1993. His teacher and sensei Karriem Abdallah, a black muslim, tought him in a way to compete both, forms and point fighting. Kevin was often called “The Total Package” or “Little KA” to remind people of his master.

Internationally, Kevin Thompson won a World Championship title in WAKO forms competition in 1990 in Mestre outperforming Canadian Mike Bernardo. As part of Chuck Merriman’s Trans World Oil team he participated in team competitions and various show acts around the globe. He was also a teacher at training camps and conducted seminars in Germany, frequently.

As a graduate of Bloomfield College where he became a graduate of marketing he stayed close to teaching. Along instructing martial artists he also taught regular students at highschool in Newark, NJ. Kevin Thompson died on January 8th, 2020 after suffering from an autoimmune decease.

Little KA
His flashy kicks and expression made Kevin a Total Package full of explosive techniques
karate brothers
Together with his brother Kevon was running a martial arts dojo
Kevin Thompson
At time of this image Kevin Thompson held 4th degree black belt in karate

Kevon Thompson

Demonstration of Kama kata during a Fight Night in Mannheim, Germany, in 1991
Karate Flyer
Up to 10,000 US$ in cash prices were offered at Kevin Thompson’s annual karate tournament, the New Jersey Open Nationals with a NASKA BBB rating.