PKA World Ratings


In 1974 Promoter Mike Anderson organized the first World Championships in Fullcontact Karate (later know as fullcontact kickboxing). The following year, the Professional Karate Association, PKA started to modify the sport from its initial tournament modus to a rating system with 10 contenders per weight division and one World Champion who would defend his title every couple of months to the then highest ranking fighter in his division. The first ratings were published in 1975 ahead of Bill “Superfoot” Wallace’s first title defense against Joy Corley at Battle of Atlanta 1975 inside the Omni Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the names on the rankings include fighters who became legends of American martial arts including Benny Urquidez, Roy Kurban and Cecil Peoples.


World Ratings
The first ratings in professional karate with champions Joe Lewis, Jeff Smith, Bill Wallace and Isias Duenas.