Roger Miller

Roger Miller

Today, Roger Miller is high in demand in upscale bars and clubs around Europe. He juggs discs as one of the coolest DJs rated on Soundcloud. His sense of rhythm and music started with his love of the martial arts. While starting out with Kun Tai Ko karate in the 1980ies, Rüdiger Miller became the first Austrian karateka to get interested in competitive musical forms. He loved the expressions of American martial arts so much that he flew to the USA to learn from the best. He even changed his name to Roger from Rüdiger to make sure his American idols could spell and pronounce his name with more ease. Roger became a student of Kevin Thompson in New Jersey to learn from the best. During various visits to the US he also studied under Mike Chaturantabut and Christine Bannon-Rodrigues to mention just a few of his tutors.

Kevin Thompson
Roger Miller (right) with Kevin Thompson and Andreas Lorenz (left) in New Jersey, USA.

Inside his career as a forms competitor he won European championship under WAKO rules and participated in various World championships where he competed against Mike Chaturantabut and Werner Stark. Aside from being an active competitor his activities in the martial arts included writing and photography for KICK magazine, Germany’s most popular modern martial arts print publication.

New York Twin Towers
Roger Miller during his travels to New York posing with his high kicking skills in front of the WTC Twin Towers.

If you ever visit Innsbruck in Austria make sure to stop by Adlers bar where Roger hosts some of his DJ gigs on weekends.

World Championships 1991 in London.