Dec 5, 2021

Dominik Rab

Austria’s mountains are as high as they can get. Dominik Rab is the Austrian Karate Kid who kicks just as high as the mountains.

One of his most prestigious wins were the US Open Karate ISKA World Championships in Orlando, Fl. Dominik Raab, nicknamed “The Austrian Karate Kid” won that title among many others in 1997. Another big forms title he won was the European Forms Championship for the WKA in 1996. Rab operates his own fitness and karate dojo in Klagenfurt, Austria: Rab Sports.
Dominik’s sensei was the former American top forms competitor and world champion Kevin Thompson from New Jersey. He is not to be mistaken for Dominic Raab, a British karate black belt who became a big name in UK politics.

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