Loren Avedon

Loren Avedon

Who ever said fighters can’t be smart and pretty? Loren Avedon is even better looking than Jean-Claude van Damme and of course a lot smarter. Avedon, a Taekwondoka from Beverly Hills starred in a whole bunch of action videos in the heydays of b-movies. Back in those days we all went to Blockbusters to get our VHS video rentals for the day and maybe a sixpack of Corona beer at the gas pump or at 7Eleven on the way home. We all have probably seen a couple of his hits. Loren’s kicks were superbly quick and precisely hitting in the face of any bad guy. He always had a smile on his lips when flirting with female co-stars.
Avedon more or less retired from action movies, but he still trains Taekwondo in his new home in Clearwater, Florida. You might see him throwing kicks while jogging along the shores of the island.

Lauren Avedon
Promo shot from movie “King of Kickboxers” where he starred alongside Billy Blanks

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Lauren Avedon

No Retreat no surrender
Blood Brothers, one of the best fighting movies in recent history.
Blood Brothers
An action movie that appeals to Kickboxer fans. Aside from Loren Avedon long time point fighting champion Keith Vitali plays a feature role.
Deadly Ransom
Poster: Deadly Ransom