Cynthia Rothrock vs. Don Wilson

Cynthia Rothrock punches Don Wilson

Men don’t fight with women, but what about if the guy has no choice and gets attacked by a martial arts champion without mercy? That is what is going to happen in a new movie recently filmed in Thailand: “White Tiger”. Don Wilson aka “the Dragon” and Cynthia Rothrock “Dragon Lady” will be crossing kicks and punches for the first time in a movie. Previously they played side-on-side in “Sci Fighter” aka “X-Treme Fighter”, but this time it’s their first real fight on screen. It’s doing to be a deadly fight and one of them will die.

White Tiger movie production
Behind the scenes: Don Wilson, Toby Russel, Aki Komine, Cynthia Rothrock and George Tan

I was able to hang around when they rehearsed their fight scene in Bangkok, Thailand in February 2012. My gallery shows how they study a scene were Cynthia Rothrock’s character gets desperate so she picks up a stick to help winning an uneven fight. Don and Cynthia don’t pull punches. When they rehearsed they were hitting each other for real – not with full force of course, but you could see their kicks are genuine and not just techniques wildly thrown in the air. Both also insisted their fight scene to look as real as possible and worked well along the side with choreographers and producers. They received some inspiration from an old Karate Kid Poster and an epic screen fight between Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee.

Cynthia kicks high
High Mawashi Geri by Cynthia Rothrock comes as a surprise to opponent Don Wilson

Enjoy my sniper photos from a fight scene rehearsal in Bangkok,Thailand and watch out for the movie release on Gorilla Pictures Homepage, soon. They don’t have a release date, yet, but it should be out mid 2012 I would assume.