Dec 8, 2021

Ring of Fire

Real kickboxers caught up in gang violence. Don Wilson, Gary Daniels and Rod Kei fight for peace in Los Angeles.

An action packed drama in the tradition of full contact martial arts spectaculars like Bloodsport and Kickboxer movies. The beauty and tradition of LA’s China Town is disrupted by the cross town rivalry between two kick boxing clubs as the competitive sport is catapulted from the ring of a gymnasium and into a “Ring of Fire”. Johnny (Don “The Dragon” Wilson from “Bloodfist” movies) and Brad fight to win the honor of their families and the love of a woman.
Johnny, having broken away from the street violence of the neighbourhood gangs, has worked hard to gain respectability as a young doctor at a Los Angeles hospital. Now, after fighting his way out of the streets, he finds himself patching up the brutality of the streets.
His strong Chinese roots and morals are pushed aside as his love for Julie Marshall, the sister of the rival gang leader, vaults him into a love affair that could cost him his life. Follow their hearts, follow their love, from dreams of life together to the nightmare that death will pull them apart. Julie and Johnny strive to survive the “Ring of Fire”.

PM Entertainment Group Inc with Richard Pepin and Joseph Merhi produced this movie faeturing three famous kickboxers: Don Wilson, Gary Daniels and Rod Kei.

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