Cynthia Rothrock: Eyes of the Dragon

Eyes of the Dragon

Originally, titled “Paper Dragons” Cynthia Rothrock’s movie Eyes of the Dragon was released on video in Germany in 1987 by Summit Pictures. The flick was also released under a different title on DVD later on: Fight to Win. Its highlights were fights between Cynthia Rothrock and Richard Norton and an early morning kicking contest between forms champion George Chung and fullcontact legend Bill “Superfoot” Wallace. The featured image was a concept for the poster and video cover, but was later replaced with different artwork. Below promotional press photos from this martial arts movie.

Cynthia Rothrock
Cynthia Rothrock
Cynthia Rothrock with Eddie Murphy look-alike Chuck Jeffries
Chuck Jeffries
karate vs. kung fu
Fight at dawn: Bill Wallace vs. George Chung

Chuck Jeffries and Juan Chapa
Cynthia Rothrock and George Chung
Cynthia Rothrock beats up George Chung