Sep 20, 2020

Personal Trainer Don Wilson

How did Catya Sassoon learn to throw kicks? Don Wilson gave her private lessons.

He became the most famous and successful kickboxer by winning 11 world titles in multiple weight divisions and by fighting for many different organizations under different rules on three continents. Then he became an actor and filmstar. What many people don’t know: Don The Dragon Wilson is also a great trainer. Many celebrities and actors trust Wilson es their personal trainer and he is also very popular among fresh actors and actresses who want to learn the ropes in action movie fighting. Pads are one of his favorite training tools during private workouts. Some of the stars he taught became friends and performed feature roles in his movies such as Catya Sasson who co starred in Bloodfist 4 – Die Trying.

Denise Buick

Actress Denise Buick is taught front kicks while Wilson holds targets.

Catya Sassoon

Wilson holding the pads for Catya Sassoon who played in Bloodfist 4 and Angel Fist while Paul Maslak looks on with a critical eye. It was Sasson’s first class in martial arts inside Greg Wilkinson’s LA karate school.


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