Jan 13, 2022

Art Davie

The maker of the first UFC events made things happen nobedy believed were manageable.

The official commissioner of the original series of UFC events. Art Davie was tasked in putting the events together, matching opponents and the corresponding media relationships. During the first years of the Ultimate Fighting Championships there were many legal obstacles created against the martial arts competition with politicians and lawyers trying to outlaw the fight cards over various issue. Art Davie’s biggest challenge came with UFC 12 that was scheduled to take place in Niagara Falls. The event was in limbo for a couple of days and was later rescheduled to take place in Alabama. The next event was the first UFC in Japan and everything else that happened afterward became MMA history. Thanks to Art Davie to his outstanding accomplishments and to journalist Steven Quadros for sharing his images.

Art Davie with UFC fighters

The UFC 12 lineup with commissioner Art Davie in the center and fighters including Viktor Belfort, Dan Savern, Jerry Bohlander, Rainy Martinez, Yoshiki Takahashi, Wallid Ismail, Scott Ferrozo, Jim Mullen, Mark Coleman

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