Steve Anderson

Steve Nasty Ansderon

It is said he won over 1000 trophies and titles during his career in point fighting tournament competition. The Canadian American fighter beat them all and the old issues of “Official Karate” are filled with testimonies of his biggest wins. Him and Billy Blanks (yes, Mister Taebo) were the top heavyweights in North America and Nasty won most of their matches. In 1983, 1985, 1987 and 1990 Steve won the prestigious WAKO World Championships for four times in a row, obliterating his opponents from Europe. Germany’s Peter Hainke, a multiple European Champion, could just not score against Nasty. Nasty was very quick with his backfist, reverse punch and his sidekick.

ma magazine clipping
Feature in Martial Arts Digest magazine from 2003

During his prime, Steve was member of the Transworld Oil Team lead by Chuck Merriman. It was the first professional sport karate and point fighting team that sponsored the best fighters and performers to compete around the world. It included team mates such as Herb Perez, Billy Blanks, Christine Bannon and Kevin Thompson.

Steve Nasty Anderson died from Parkinson’s desease on January 24, 2020. He was born on March 29th 1955 and lived in Harrisonburg, Virginia for most of his active time and moved to Canada after retirement. He named Chicken Gabriel as his only instructor.

Munich 1987, Steve ‘Nasty’ Anderson wins the WAKO point fighting world title again. In the background coaches Chuck Merriman and Bill Wallace.
Zvonko Gribl
Steve with Zvonko Gribl, a friend and World Champion pointfighter from Croatia.

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