Emin Boztepe

Emin Boztepe with Linda Lee and Ed Parker

Top image: Emin Boztepe in one frame with Linda Lee-Cadwell and legendary karate pioneer Ed Parker.

Emin Boztepe is a Turkish-German martial arts practitioner and teacher who has achieved worldwide recognition as being one of the most advanced persons in Ving Tsun. At the start of his career he was a protege of Keith R. Kernspecht, a German author and businessman who built a commercial empire with his interpretation of Wing Chun that he trademarked Wing Tsun. His organization EWTO built a structure of commercial Kung Fu schools all over Europe and Emin Botztepe was the most important teacher and seminar conductor from the early 1980ies to the late 1990ies. During that time Boztepe was invited to showcase his skills at the prestigious Long Beach Internationals sport karate tournament hosted by Kenpo Karate icon Ed Parker. Alongside the special guest who witnessed the demo was Linda Lee-Cadwell, the widow of Bruce Lee. She was very excited about Emin’s performance. Later Boztepe left Kernspecht’s EWTO to start his own EBMAS organization.

Long Beach
Emin Boztepe stages a demo at Ed Parker’s karate tournament Long Beach Internationals with his student Sifu Giese (around 1993 or earlier).
Jeff Goldblum
Emin pulling some fun on Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum outside Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California.