Fighter 16 Oz Boxing Gloves

lether boxing gloves

Over the past few months I have been using a new pair of new leather gloves for my boxing workouts: Fighter 16 Oz. This is a lesser known brand from Europe that is sold by Fighters Inc. in the United States. Let’s jump straigt to my experiences with them.

Fighters lether boxing gloves are made from leather on the surface and a mix of materials on the inside. The leather feels nice, natural and comfortable. I noticed a portion of the inner wrist linings is made from PU. It’s a small portion, only. Nevertheless, a lot of purists will agree with me that the use of PU isn’t very appreciated inside a leather glove. It provides a wet feeling when sweating during intense workouts. It didn’t bother me too much as I am wearing hand wraps during the entire workout.

Once inside the glove it provides a snug fit. It’t comfortably fitting an average hand of the light-heavy weight that I am. I assume bigger people might get a narrow feeling, but I hear from a gym body of mine that the leather will stretch out when used by bigger people. The ventilation for these gloves isn’t great. I wouldn’t recommend sharing your gloves with other people. They get wet quickly. The four small ventilation holes on the inside aren’t really powerful. But as long as I wear bandages and air out the gloves after each workout, they remain free off of smell: So far I never forgot about taking them out of my gym bag.
As mentioned they fit my hand well. Maybe a bit too tight around the inner side of the thumb. This 16 Oz Fighter leather glove is what you can call a puncher’s glove. The padding is dense and a bit thinner than in most amateur style competition gloves. It sticks to the target area when hitting the bag or the mitts and does not bounce off that easily. Of course this means the less flexible padding will need to be broken in. This process of breaking down the uneven edges of the padding around the knuckles takes time. It took me around 2 weeks while working out almost daily. After this time it became a lot easier to make a fist and punch the bag with full impact. Ever since the gloves are performing well. Considering the price tag of roughly 50 bucks they are a steel for a leather glove. I assume the padding and the leather will hold up well for 1 or 2 years when I will get my next pair of boxing gloves.

Item details: Fighter Boxing Gloves 16 Oz Leather

Red palm and thumb with black surface. The white Fighter logo together with the white seam they show stylish design. Thumbs are slightly curbed for clenching support.

For those of you who wonder: I am using 16 Oz gloves for better protection of my hands and to get a better workout compared to lighter glove. Punching workouts on the heavy bag are posing the biggest stress on the knuckles compared to other fighting drills. That’s why I believe it is more than appropriate to use well padded 16 Oz. gloves for every workout. In addition the weight gives me a much better workout. It’s difficult to hold up the hands and keep on punching during the first sessions when switching to heavier gloves. At the end I am getting a much better posture, stronger shoulders and an increase in endurance from using 16 Oz gloves. Some purists may advise against this because they recommend tiny bag gloves for hardening of knuckles and wrists. They say this will strengthen mainly the wrist as light, non-padded protectors are forcing fighters into proper angles as they don’t forgive mistakes. I have seen a few of them wearing a cast after they hit the target at an off angle. I don#t want to take chances of being unable to work for weeks because of some shitty cavemen advice.

Hopefully, my review will inspire you to get into the boxing gym yourself. Leading a sedentary work and life style requires us to go to gym on and off. Boxing and other fighting sports are exciting in my book as they give back more than just fitness. Assertiveness, coordination, balance, strength and a will to achieve are just a few benefits of boxing training. Despite the fun, I suggest you stay smart and use proper gear and instruction to workout as a fighter. Injuries are easy to avoid, but a lot of people just think fighting is all about being tough rather than smart.

Fighter gloves
The long cuff is closed with a wide velcro wrist band. On the inside PU is used. That’s a bit unusual for a leather glove.