Everlast 14 oz Gloves Review

Everlast 14 oz

To be honest, I never tried Everlast gloves in my entire lifespan of fighting and training over 30ish years. They never looked right for me. Nevertheless, I did not want to stand as a total ignorant in the gym and decided to borrow a pair of Everlasts from a gym mate who has said keen words about them. He barely used them as he is a MMA guy, so I thought why not give them a try.

The material was nice with decent craftsmanship. They looked pretty much like Windy Gloves to me and that’s how they felt. Easy to slide inside with my average hands. Clenching fist and closing the velcro. All felt and looked good. I kind of liked them. They gave me this feeling of converting my hands into a tool. A feeling I have when taking a hammer in my hand to hit a nail on its head. Or when I swing an axe to split wood. Good vibes of motivation.

Everlast boxing gloves 14 oz
Made from soft PU the TA model can be considered vegan.

Hitting the bag was really fun. The gloves felt well and they kinda stuck to the surface of the bag with that proper pop sound when hitting hard. My old boxing trainer used to say: “when you hear that pop you know your technique is right.” I remembered that when I started punching the bag harder and harder. Motivation gave me a head start. After the end of the second round my hands felt the impact I was making. Knuckles were aching a bit. I carried on for a couple of more rounds and quit after 6. I felt each punch hard on my knuckles.
I am not sure how to explain this, but to me it seems the padding is getting thinner and weaker the more often I hit. It probably did not deteriorate, but it just did not recover from the punches as quickly as it should. The air was pressed out and it would not reflate thus loosing its flex and ability to absorb energy. I did try them again the next day with the same result. The gloves were fine for the first two rounds, but then the padding lost it again.

black thumb
The thumb is loosely attached with a strap.

With a better padding this would actually be a handsome glove in my book. I like its feel and anatomy. But for a 14 Oz glove in particular I do expect a good padding in a quasi new glove. At least it should hold up for a year, not just 2 rounds. I know of guys who love thin padding. The purpose is to harden knuckles and increase wrist stability. But those guys wear regular bag gloves or Fairtex Muay Thai gear, that are well known for thin, unforgiving padding. There is no reason to purchase bulky 14 Oz gloves for such thing. It’s impossible for me to see how you would want to use them for sparring since they won’t do much in terms of injury prevention. Aside from the weak padding the thumb is just loosely attached. Maybe they are good for working pads and mitts or partner? I can see them being used by total beginners during their first couple of weeks in training for light contact partner drills and slow sparring, maybe.

Made in Pakistan
As most consumer gloves this Everlast model is produced in Pakistan in decent quality and surface materials.

They’d be worth their money if they had better padding. After all they just cost between 30$ and 40$ if they are still available. Offers for used items on the secondary market are abundant and go as low as 10$ as you can observe on Thea.
The TA:14 Everlast boxing gloves are a beginner model that give a decent workout for light and quick punching. They are also suitable for Muay Thai since the padding is a bit more flexible and the thumb’s attachment is not static. They need to be replaced once people advance with their skills.