Worley Brothers

Pat Worley Pat Worley (left) and John Worley demonstrate the rules of point fighting.

WORLEY, JOHN (1944- ) American karate instructor, competitor, administrator, promoter, and publisher. A student of Jhoon Rhee, Worley began teaching at the Washington, D.C., Jhoon Rhee Institute in 1970, the year he entered competition. Winner of the lightweight division at the Pan-American Championships in Maryland in 1971, Worley also won numerous other regional titles including the 1971 Tae Kyun Championships and the 1972 Virginia State Open. Knee surgery in 1974 prevented him from competing until a year later, when he won first place in sparring and second place in kata at the National Championships in Minnesota. A member of the Who’s Who in the Martial Arts, Worley performed demonstrations at the White House (1972). With his brother, Pat Worley, he promotes the Diamond Nationals, in which the grand champion wins a diamond ring with the tournament logo designed around it. Worley, along with his brother Pat, Larry Carnahan, and Gordon Franks operate a chain of schools in Minnesota called Mid-America Karate. A former editor of Sport Karate, Worley promotes the Super Fights, full-contact events.

WORLEY, PAT (1948- ) American karate competitor, instructor, promoter, and publisher. Like his elder brother John Worley, Pat Worley was a student of Jhoon Rhee. Entering competition in 1970, he won the 1970 National Karate Championships (kata and sparring), 1971 Top 10 Nationals, 1973 North America Open, and 1975 U.S. Championships (lightheavyweight). He was twice named to Black Belt’s Top 10 (1971, 1975). Worley and his brother were instrumental in pioneering musical kata performance. They performed at the White House in 1972. Pat and John promote the Diamond Nationals along with the partners Larry Carnahan and Gordon Franks; they are owners, with the above mentioned partners, of the Mid-America Karate Studios. Member of Who’s Who in the Martial Arts.