Jan 23, 2022


Vegan fight gear from Germany. Vehement pioneered equipment free of animal abuse and exploitation.

VHMNT or Vehement was a German brand name for vegan fight gear. Its logo displayed a wolf as a call for action against animal abuse and for preservation of endangered sepcies with a fighting spirit. The brand received fairly good reviews for its gear with professional marketing, brand protection and solid publicity. VHMNT ceased operation in 2015 after Vehemtn products were hard to come by. No further information on this Jan Lenarz enterprise is available.

Vehement boxing gloves

Vehement boxing gloves with the wolf face pointing at the opponent received good reviews for their wrist support.

MMA gloves

The MMA gloves of VHMNT were more generic in nature.


Kickpads for Muay Thai and kickboxing workouts.


vegan fight gear

Vehement received many awards from vegan supporters.

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