Jan 21, 2022

Hall of Fame

Professional Karate magazine honored the best of the martial arts inside their Hall of Fame in the mid-seventies.

Back in the days when American fighters pioneered competitive martial arts in the USA, Mike Anderson’s Professional Karate magazine created its own Hall of fame. In every issue of the magazine one excellent master of the arts was introduced with a feature article and a full-colour poster on the back page of this unique quarterly periodical. Here is a list of the persons who made it to the Hall of Fame of competitive martial arts during the mid-seventies.

Mike Stone

Mike Stone – Karate – Hawaii

Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis – Kickboxing / Karate – Los Angeles

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee – Kung Fu – Seattle

Bill Wallace

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace – Fullcontact Karate – Los Angeles

Jhoon Rhee

Jhoon Rhee – Taekwondo – Washington, DC

Byong Yong Yu

Byong Yong Yu – Taekwondo

Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison -Bad Ass – Montana

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