Mar 15, 2022

Taekwondo Team USA

The first time Taekwondo was an Olympic sport the USA sent a very strong team to hunt for gold.

1988 U.S. Olympic Tae Kwon do Team
Members of the U.S. Tae Kwon Do Team are: (kneeling, left to right) Lynette Love, Arlene Limas, Debra Holloway, Cheryl Kalanoc, Mayumi Pejo, Kim Dotson, Sharon Jewell, Dana Hee.
and (standing, left to right) Team Captain Jay Warwick, Han Won Lee, Juan Moreno, Coach Sang Chul Lee, Luong Pham, Kevin Padilla (who did not qualify for the Olympic team), Greg Baker, and Na’im Hasan. Not pictured is Jimmy Kim.

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