Shame on AIBA

The world amateur governing body for Olympic boxing is one of the largest culprits in animal exploitation. The sanctioning body AIBA sets out guidelines for the gear used in competition, internationally. Its technical competition rules sets up standards for the colors and weights allowed in competition gear and how manufacturers may affix their brand name and so on. It also mandates the use of cowhide or grade A leather for both, boxing gloves (44.8.4.) and headguards (45.8.6.). It disallows manufacturers from using alternative materials unless it is from animal leather and approved by the organization. Innovative producers who are able from producing competition gear that are made in sustainable ways and without the use of animal products.

Question is why does the AIBA even care about what materials are used? It should not be considered about this fact at all, but rather be neutral and set out quality guidelines instead such as it did back in the late 1980ies when it outlawed traditional paddings made from horsehair. There is a rumor some previous and current officials of the association are invested in factories in Pakistan which do mainly produce leather gear. Having leather being replaced with other materials and production moved to different countries would diminish their investments.