Sep 30, 2020

Maurice Smith

The first kickboxing World Champion who later captured 2 UFC belts. American Maurice Smith in his WKA title fight against Alex Desir.

Murice Smith has long been known as one of the best kickboxers of all time, reigning the ranks of the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) for many years. His biggest succes, however, came when he became the first kickboxer to become UFC champion twice. His wins at UFC enabled him to take other big MMA fights against greats of the octagon like Mark Ruas and Bas Rutten. His last fight was recorded in 2013 and he is believed to be retired for good.

Maurice Smith

When the WKA (World Kickboxing Association) changed ownership to Briton Paul Ingram from founder Howard Hanson, the Mirage hotel was host to one of the most spectacular WKA kickboxing events in its history. One of the main events: Maurice Smith against Alex Desire. Smith defended his kickboxing World title by the way of knockout in round 10 to retain the heavyweight belt under WKA rules (Watch video of the fight on Vimeo). December 4th, 1993 in Las Vegas.

Mo Maurice Smith
WKA champion
Maurice Smith vs. Alex Desir

Smith held various world titles in different weight divisions between light-heavyweight up to cruiser- and heavyweight at WKA, ISKA and WKC organizations in international rules and under Muay Thai rules. One of his very few losses came at the hands of legendary champion Don Wilson.

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