Dec 18, 2021

Hubert Numrich

Hubert Numrich was a German kickboxer and martial arts expert from Darmstadt. He began studies in what was then known as fullcontact sport karate under Hans Harbrecht, then the German national coach of fullcontact fighters, whos brother was Peter Harbrecht, the first German to capture a fullcontact World Titel at the first WAKO World Championships in 1978.
Competing in fullcontact Numrich won multiple German Championships in the heavyweight division and in 1982 become European WAKO champion after winning the Challenger Cup in Basel 1982. Numrich became famous when he started to participate in freefighting championships in the early 1990ies. Freefighting was a highly touted fighting style similar to what is known as mixed martial arts, today. Numrich fought in cages that suggested a possible deadly outcome. Later he challenged Dutch fighting legend Peter Aerts for his Muay Thai and kickboxing world title and became the first German to compete in Japan’s biggest kickboxing tournament series, K-1, where he lost against the multiple champion Ernesto Hoost. He continued to fight in Japan, Brazil and Europe until retiring in 2001. Some of his opponents include Vitaly Klitchko, Przemyslav Saleta, Manfred Vogt, Ernesto Hoost, Peter Aerts and Dick Vrij.
He opened two gyms in his hometown of Darmstadt: Sharks Gym and Raptors Gym. He died in January of 2020 aged 61 after fighting cancer for several years. He leaves two children behind, Roshan and Rebecca, and his beloved wife Yulia.

Birthdate: 19. December 1958
Death: 2. January 2020

Joe Lewis

Hubert Numrich and US-Karate Legend Joe Lewis during a Seminar in Koblenz, Germany in 2000.

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