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Johnny Kuhl Johnny Kuhl

KUHL, JOHN (1935 – 2003 ) American karate instructor and official. Kuhl began karate in Montreal in 1957, under Ari Anastasiatis and continued after moving to New York, under Peter Urban and Gosei Yamaguchi. His own style, which he calls combat karate, draws upon karate, judo, and jujutsu. Kuhl has refereed in nearly all of the important East Coast karate events. In 1962 he packaged what may have been the first exclusive karate magazine, Combat Karate. He has also contributed articles to Official Karate Magazine, whose editor, Al Weiss, was trained by Kuhl. In 1975. he was named to Who’s Who in the Martial Arts. During the 1960ies and 1970ies he spend a lot of time in Berlin-West (Germany) where he played features in various movie productions (see IMDB profile for Johnny Kuhl). He trained with Georg F. Brueckner, a martial arts pioneer widely known as the “father of European kickboxing” and inventor of Top Ten sports equipment, during this time in Berlin. He also trained Taekwondo together with Park Jong Soo.

Combat Karate
Kuhl (middle) with his training partners in New York.
John Kuhl and Bill Wallace
John Kuhl (left) judging an exhibition match between Bill “Superfoot” Wallace (right) and a German opponent during the 1975 European All-Style Karate Championships in Berlin
Johnny Kuhl
Kuhl on the left performing a stunt for a German TV production.