Jim Graden Martial Arts

Graden karate

Seminole in the Tampla Bay area is home to Jim Graden’s martial arts school. Graden, a former WAKO world champion im amateur fullcontact kickboxing (London, 1985) is a protege of Joe Lewis, the legendary American karateka that took karate and boxing, mixed it up and called it kickboxing from 1971 on. Jim Graden is a veteran expert in self-defense, competitor in fullcontact kickboxing, point fighting karate and in goal based body shaping / fitness programs (Ultimate Body Challenge). He has a knack on lifting weights, too.

heavy bags

Century gear

Graden teaches mostly adult classes on a wide and open area. There is a small section for weight lifting and a four-stand Balazs heavybag section with different sized bags for kicking and punching. Group classes use standing Century waterbags for hitting. Classes are available from early in the morning until night time. There is a large group of adult women who do kickboxing for cardio during the day and the group is growing. Zoom classes are available as well as private tutoring in kickboxing and American karate. Students are free to use their individual clothing and their own gloves. There is no pressure applied to students on where and what gear to use or purchase.

Website: https://www.worldchampionma.com/

9108 Seminole Blvd,
Seminole, FL 33772
Phone: (727) 798-5269