Bill Wallace vs Jerry Rhome

Bill Wallace vs. Jerry Rhome

Despite his great record as an undefeated champion in the middlewieght division of fullcontact kickboxing at the PKA, Bill “Superfoot” Wallace often stepped into the ring for exhibition bouts after his retirement in 1981. Most famously his matches against Frenchman Dominique Valera and agaist Joe Lewis added more respect to his legacy. There has also been a showfight or exhibition in Mannheim Germany against Jerry Rhome, a multiple light-heavyweight and cruiserweight world champion and former sparring partner of many professional world boxing champions from Atlanta in 1989. Why that exhibition fight took place in Germany rather than in the US? Promoter Michael Deubner explains: “Both guys were invited as guests to my event as they were touring Germany for seminars. When I suggested they could do a small exhibition, they agreed.” Some guys just won’t let a chance pass up on them.