Fred Rojers

Fred Rojers

Fred Rojers (Born: 15 March 1955) is a Dutch kickboxer from Mejiro Gym in Amsterdam. He was originally studying traditional karate before he took up kickboxing under Jan Plas. He trained together with other famous Dutch kickboxing champions including Rob Kaman and Andre Brillemann. His biggest succes was capturing the WKA middleweight world championship title on October 20th, 1985, by defeating Japan’s Yasuo Tabata by points. Rojers has involved himself in developing the European arm of the WKA – World Karate/Kickboxing Asoociation up until the late 1990ies. He is still operating a gym in The Netherlands.

Fred Royers Fight Record

The Gladiator inside the ring at Jaap Edenhal in Amsterdam
Fred Rojers (left) shaking hands with Yasuo Tabata ahead of their WKA world title fight in Amsterdam.
Fred Rojers kickboxing
Fred Rojers mit einem Roundhouse Kick gegen Tabata

Savate Muay Thai

Fred Rojers with Bernie Willems during a kickboxing seminar in Germany around 1993
Fred Rojers teaching a seminar in Lausanne with host Jerome Canabate of NSC.
kickboxing seminar
During a seminar Fred Rojers demonstrates on German fighter Christoph Rebholz how to convert a legkick into a powerful sweeping technique