Fighter Bandages Semi-Elastic Handwraps

fighter handwraps

Many people try to save money on boxing gloves, but end up over-paying for handwraps because they want to purchase from the same shop. A shared nuisance. It’s lovely to see Fighters Inc. breaking with this abusive tradition of online merchants. Fighter brand offers wraps for very reasonable prices of around 4 bucks in 3 different sizes. Their wraps are semi-elastic. It means they stretch a bit, but behave mostly like static fabric. We have put them to the test.

Retail Source for Product: Boxing Handwraps

The bandages were used for the duration of about 3 months for 5 training sessions per week. They were washed twice a week at medium temperatures of 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40º Celsius). Tumbling dry was performed on and off, but rather not.

black white handrwaps
Left item is used, right item in new condition. Shrinkage must be anticipated.

Wrapping hands with semi-elastic wraps is similar as using static fabric versions, but a certain pulling technique is needed to keep the bandages tight enough to achieve a strong support for the fist. However, the pull mustn’t be too tight. Otherwise the blood supply to the hands will be cut off and hands may feel a bit numb after a few rounds into training. It’s easy to figure out. After wrapping your hands two or three times it should be a routine easy to handle. While the bandages have a loopy thumb inlet at the beginning and a velcro closure at the end we did fixate the bandages with coach tape before putting on the gloves. The tape was added between fingers and on the back of the fist. This is to prevent slipping and sliding of bandages in general. Most professional fighters do it this way. Coach tape is highly recommended with this item and needs to be purchased separately from a sporting goods store. Of course they can also be used without tape with a different technique as used in Muay Thai. We tested the mid medium 138 Inch long version (3.5 Meters). The vendor stocks 98, 138, 168 Inch versions of this item.

The semi-elastic material is made from a mix of polyester and cotton at about 50/50 ratio. The material is about half as thin as static wraps and that’s their greatest advantage. It compounds less fabric in the palm of your hand and therefore allows fighters to clench the fist more easily. This really comes is handy when shoving your fist into gloves with smaller hand compartments like Twins or Queen.

velcro strap
The velcro closure works well. It shows little wear after use.

The material will shrink slightly when washed in the machine and exposed to heat i.e. when tumbled dry. The length is shortened by around 6 inches and the width by around an 8th of an inch. This can be avoided by washing them by hand or at colder temperatures. It feels more comfortable with age just like an old tee or pair of jeans. I would recommend against machine drying if you wish to extend the lifespan of the product. Overall you do get a product that is good for 6 months if you machine wash and tumble dry. Cold washing will potentially expand the lifespan towards 2 years for professional use and much longer for home use. For roughly 4 bucks this is very good. Most other merchants will charge 12 Dollars or more for a similar item.

Retail Source for Product: Boxing Handwraps

The two colored design is simple and minimalistic. Its low price tag makes those wraps a steal. Multiple color combinations available.
The upper item is used for three months, the lower one is new. Machine washing and tumbling dry will shrink the material a bit without damaging its function.