Battle of Atlanta 1975

Bill Wallace vs Joe Corley the Battle of Atlanta 1975

In 1975 the Professional Karate Association PKA started its activities with the first professional style championship fights. Joe Corley challenged Bill Wallace for his middle weight title. Bill “Superfoot” Wallace became the PKA’s biggest star and Joe Corley the sport’s most prolific promoter in North America. Noteworty two names on the undercard: Jerry Rhome and Cecil Peoples. The Battle of Atlanta still exists as a point fighting and forms tournament. It is one of the most popular sport karate tournaments on the North American continent and Joe Corley is still the promoter.
Bill Wallace won a decision over Corley and went on to win all of his fights until he retired undefeated in 1981. The PKA no longer sanctions fights. The assiciation holds up the vintage of the old professional fullcontact fighting spirits by selling memberships to schools and individuals on their facebook page.