Green Hill Tiger

Green Hill Boxing Gloves

Green Hill boxing gloves are one of the leading brands in international amateur boxing. The Tiger line is a better quality training glove that performs like a working horse inside the gym. The gloves fit, protect well and outlast most of their competitors. While the craftsmanship is rather ordinary it is robust and a pair of gloves will last well beyond cheaper versions. It holds up for years, even the padding does better than 95% of competitors. The biggest downside is of cosmetic value: The leather is bubbling as a result of chemical interaction between the padding and leather that is created by enclosed dust particles. It’s a common problem many clone gloves made in Pakistan experience. Other than looking ugly it has no negative effects on the gloves.

The 14 Oz. gloves below were used for over 5 years on a daily basis inside a commercial fight gym. The robustness is amazing.