Apr 30, 2022

Carl Sklavos

A talented kickboxing world champion from Tiwin Falls, Idaho

Birthdate: 4/22/62
Instructors: Gene Starr and Tom Gabbert
Division: Flyweight Record: 14-0
1986 ISKA United States Flyweight Title, Denver, CO
1987 ISKA World Flyweight Title, Twin Falls, ID

Favorite Movies: Jeremiah Johnson; Enter The Dragon
Favorite Movie Stars: Robert De Niro; Marlon Brando
Favorite Sports Personalities: John Madden; Bruce Lee
Favorite Recording Artist: Led Zepplin F
avorite Hobby: Golf
Favorite Book: Clan of the Cave Bear
Favorite Magazine: The Fighter
Favorite Food: Junk food — when I can eat it.
Favorite Martial Artist: Tom Gabbert
Toughest Opponent: Jerry Clarke
Biggest Gripe About Martial Arts: No gripes
Greatest Ambition: To be a good father and husband.

Republished from Fighter International 1988

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