Bob Wall dead at 82

Bob Wall

Bob Wall was known as one of the pioneers of modern American Karate. In the mid sixties he was one of the top ten competitors in the US on the open tournament circuit that later converted to professional karate, an open platform where all styles of karate would compete for price money.
During his fighting career Wall bonded with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris who became close friends. Wall received fame when he played a villain in Bruce Lee’s most successful movie Enter the Dragon.

Bob Wall with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in Hong Kong around 1972.

According to social media reports started by the Facebook group Blood’n’Guts Karate Bob Wall passed away on January 31st, 2022 at age 82. His death was later confirmed by various media outlets.

Battle of Atlanta 1974
Lineup of top officials from the 1974 Battle of Atlanta: Bob Wall, Mike Stone, Tadashi Yamashita, Pat Johnson, Joe Corley and Chuck Norris.

The fame Wall inherited from his roles in various Bruce Lee movies helped him to remain a household name in martial arts after retiring from competition. He was often hired as a commentator for kickboxing per-per-view events and martial arts documentaries. His impressive film and TV exposure is documented on the internet movie database. For a short time in the 90ties he started managing fighters, most famously heavyweight champion Dennis Alexio. His friendship with Chuck Norris helped him to land roles in the TV series Texas Rangers. Apart from his martial arts life Bob Wall owned and managed commercial real estate in the state of California.

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According to public statements Robert Wall held a 9th degree black belt in Tang So Do, the same style that his friend Chuck Norris practiced.