Bernie Willems

Bernhard Willems

Bernhard Willems is a German martial arts teacher based in Koblenz. Willems started Taekwondo under Hans-Jürgen Hirschgänger while being a young teenager. Bernie competed in point fighting tournaments under WAKO rules and later won various Open European Championships. He was famous for his Nunchaku katas that he performed during martial arts exhibitions across Germany.
Having been one of the first competitors in point fighting and American kickboxing from the late 70ies on Willems promoted American martial artists in his home base. He set up seminars with well known world champions and grandmasters of fighting sports such as Bill Wallace, Jean Frenette, Yean-Ives Theriault, Rob Kaman, Don Wilson and many others. Willems earned his 6th Dan in Taekwondo in the 90ies from Kang Rhee in Memphis, TN who is better known as the grand master who taught karate to the King of Rock’n’Roll Elvis Presley.

Berhard Willems
Joe Lewis (right) conducts a kickboxing seminar for Bernie Willems (left) in Koblenz, 2000.

Bernhard Willems has received various awards for his lifelong efforts of promoting martial arts and fighting sports such as the Joe Lewis Eternal Warrior trophy, a PKA recommendation and the Munich Honours, Germany’s first grand master convention. His students compete at the WKU open tournament circuit among others.

Dojo: WKA Koblenz

Practical Kick Boxing


Willems authored various books and instrucional videos on kick-boxing training and self-defense over the years. ‘Practical Kick Boxing’ was produced by Volker Stokel of Film in Frankfurt.